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  1. Our All In Ones are made with personal care to get you the same comfort and instyle better quality materials now found in most BEST infant Cloth diapering. Our choices give you a way to choose what level of security you may need and also choices of comfort and economy.
    Our Hemp and our Bamboo selections are organic and
    OekoTex Product Class I Certification. 

Diaper sizes  / and covers

Teen 22 - 26 in waist   - height 26 in. ( top to front)  - leg 17 in.

Small - 26 in - 30 in -- 29  in height - leg 19 in.

Medium - 31 - 42 in    -- 30 in. height  - leg 20-21 in

Large - 42 - 48 in --  35 in height  - leg 26 in.

XLarge 48 - 66 in  --- 38 in height  - leg - 35 in.

Height - is the measurement from the top of the front of the cover to the back fo the cover. ( full stretched)

* note  : if your leg is larger around then what is listed for your size - go up one size and we can adjust the height. We do not adjust leg- that is done with the adjustable elastic - but can only be adjusted to the measurement limits per size listed. 
make a note to us on your  custom height from top of waist height to back height.

Pul ( cover colors) in most colors are available Just enter a note to me in Pay Pal at check out for your prefference.  If you do not add a note you will get white.
Prints are available for special request but are more expensive
Click here to view colors available

quote from a very satisfied customer :

" For medical reasons it is very difficult for me to obtain diaper covers
and AIOs that fit properly.  Cara was willing to work with me and try many different modifications to get them just right.  They fit perfectly.  And she is a pleasure to work with. "

Adult Diaper Full systems

AIO Pocket Cloth Adult diaper

All In Ones  (AIO) - is everything in one diaper. Bad side - you must change the whole thing at every change.

Rump Wraps AIO pocket
Maximum Protection full pad


Read More Info

This comes in your choice material with a full diaper width insert.

* Has adjustable waist and Leg
* Soft breathable (non Noisy) Pul
*Your choice of material -inside layer
* side snap closure
*gives nice full  Heavier protection
* can be made as a Pull up or snap sides
* custom choice of color

Size Teen to Size Medium

Prices varry with material choice
This comes with1 full pad
Please choose your color of Pul and leave in a note to me at check out

Please choose material choice
choose style

Large size

Comes with 1 full maxium protection pad
Please leave a note to me in Pay pal at check out for Pul color choice

Please choose material choice
choose style

Extra Large size AIO (adjustable)
1 maxium protection pad
check Pul Colors for choice and leave note at check out

choose matereials

Winged Fitted elastic Rump Wraps


.   Fitted diapers are diapers ready to go without a cover pad is sewn into it

.  These can be ordered with snaps ,  velco closure or to be pined by you

. Made of zorb II which is a bamboo layer quilted with a man made material
underneath that absorbs 40% more than cotton and has a shorter drying time.

 . Soaker is 3 layers of zorb.

. These require a cover

To Purchase Winged Fitted Rump Wraps ( please see size chart)

Small - Large

Choose style
choose size

 Adult Rump Wraps Secret Pocket  - diapering system


Below - sewed in pocket ( does not remove)


Features :
    * Made of breatheable Pul
    * You have a choice to have a snap in removeable liner or a sewed in pocket both that fits small adult prefolds or toddler prefolds depending on your size.
     *color choice or print available ( print is extra)
     *adjustable waist and leg to fit you perfect
     * can special request for a higher back or lower back coverage

       Click Here for more info

To Order Rump Wraps Secret pocket Diapering system
 ******* Pad NOT included *********
Add a note in pay pal for color choice -

choose size
choose style

Adult Cloth Diaper Covers

Adult Rump Wrap Covers
Adjustable Elastic


Pull up Style
Side Snap Style

These are made with an adjustable elastic leg and waist so you can fit the leg snuggly and have a comfort fitted wasit.
* Made with breatheable Pul that is soft durable and not noisy. 
* These are trim.
* can be made a pull up or snap sides
* Your custom choice of color
*pull up or snap side choice

Rump Wraps Adjustable Elastic waist and Leg Cover

Please choose Pul Color in Note to me in Pay pal

Choose size
Choose style


Extras for Adult Rump Wrap AIO

Extra Full Pad - use in Rump wraps AIO - not secret pocket

This is identical to the pad that comes with the maxium protection Rump Wraps AIO


Use to double up ( if needed)
Made of cotton fleece outside and 2 full size layers of Zorb with 2 middle soaker layers of Zorb.

 Maximium protection

1 Full Maxiumium protection full pad extra

$29.00 - $33.00 each

choose size


Extra Pads For secret pocket diaper


Pad made for secret pocket diaper

Choose your material type:

Bamboo fleece with zorb - 2 layers of bamboo with 3 layers zorb

2  count Bamboo with zorb pads for secret pocket diaper

choose size

Other items

Adult Items already made
(click to go to page)


These are items that were made as prototype or wrong sized or just made.

Adult Fitted pocket diaper _ No insert


* Pinless - snap sides  - No Wings

* fitted to fit nicely -trim with elastic legs and waist

* you can stuff these with your own prefolds, towels or whatever , toddler prefolds or my maxium protection pad that goes to the all in one.

These require a diaper cover  - can be made with custom materials such as bamboo fleece or Hemp fleece upon request.

Gives same protection of our pocket AIO but less cost because you would only need a few covers instead of buying 12 or more full AIO diapers with the cover sewed in.

To Purchase Fitted Pocket diapers Adult

Sizes Small to Large  $38.00 each
Made with 1 layer of cotton fleece and inside layer of suede cloth.
No insert

choose size

Size Extra Large  $45.00

 * Can be special ordered in Hemp or Bamboo


Sew service

Have us make you up some prefolds
These can be made with towels / old sheets
Flannel, old blankets (fleece) or cotton.
Contact us for details


We do make custom sized prefolds for larger people.
Contact US as these must be quoted

I use either Cotton fleece with zorb center or
bamboo diamond zorb - layered. WE DO NOT MAKE BIRDSEYE OR GAUZE Material