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Chapter 20.2

Bright Eyes (Part 2)

Translated by AmaLynne


After a long time, Wen Wenyao came back with a lot of food in his hand.

Because the food was heavy, her hand seemed to be red.


“Took you very long, you didn’t run into anything, did you”


Looking at her mobile phone, Song Nanqiao thinks that Wen Wenyao has been going for almost an hour.

There are various restaurants near the hospital.

It should take only 20 minutes, but Wen Wenyao has been going for almost an hour now.


“The shop nearby is not very clean.  I went to Commercial City to buy it.”


Wen Wenyao opened the bag, and the aroma of the food burst out immediately.

It was very fresh and strong.

There were all kinds of expensive ingredients, all of them good for nourishment.


“Commercial City”


Song Nanqiao recalled that she had been to that place once, and everything sold thee was very expensive.

The ingredients were all the best.

The average price of a dish was four figures.


Wen Wenyao is really willing to spend money on her.


“Isn’t it expensive” To be honest, she doesn’t dare to eat these dishes.

They are estimated to be over five figures.

With her current economic strength, it is not easy to repay.


“No, I’ll treat you.

Just take it.”


The money is nothing to her.

Not as much as 1% of her bank card.


She loved Song Nanqiao, so she chose the best.


Wen Wenyao opened a box, which contains the famous tide pigeon swallow.


The bird’s nest is put in the pigeon’s stomach and boiled with soup.

The soup tastes very delicious.

Of course, the price is not affordable for ordinary people.


“Eat some of this first.

It tastes good.”


The girl picked up the spoon and stirred it inside.

The pigeon meat was put in the spoon.

The girl was afraid that it would burn Song Nanqiao, so she blew it close to her mouth.

Her clear eyes stared at Song Nanqiao’s lips and slowly sent the soup to her mouth.


“No, I can eat it myself…”


Her hands were not hurt.

Although there was something wrong with her head, she could eat by herself.

How could she let others feed her.


But the girl had already sent the soup to her mouth, looking at her expectantly, she could only eat.


“Is it good”


Wen Wenyao seems to avoid this problem on purpose.

She just wants to feed Song Nanqiao herself.


“En, it’s very delicious.”


It’s almost the same as what she drank in her last life, but the soup base tastes better.


“Good…that’s good.”


Wen Wenyao rubbed Song Nanqiao’s cheek like a child.


System: ! ! ! !


Song Nanqiao:


She looked at Wen Wenyao strangely.

When the word “good” came out of Wen Wenyao’s mouth, the taste changed.


She always feels something bad.

Song Nanqiao is surprised to find that Wen Wenyao has such a maternal side.


“You haven’t eaten yet, I’ll eat by myself, you’re so skinny, eat more.” Song Nanqiao took the bowl of soup, took a pair of chopsticks, and cut off the pigeon meat inside, ready to eat by herself.


It seems that she can no longer feed Song Nanqiao.


But it doesn’t matter.

There is still a lot of time to go.


Song Nanqiao looks at Wen Wenyao with her spare light and finds that the other person is really thin, which is the result of long-term food control.


“What are you looking at” Wen Wenyao notices Song Nanqiao’s sight.




After hearing the other party’s voice, Song Nanqiao quickly lowered her head again and continued to eat the food in his bowl.


Soon the soup was almost finished.


In fact, there is not much.

She can still eat another one.


Wen Wenyao saw the situation and took some more food out.


Because she was with Song Nanqiao last night, she slept so well that when she got up in the morning, Wen Wenyao had a hard time sleeping.

She ate a little in the morning and then came to school.

Now she is very hungry.


Two people are eating quietly.

Wen Wenyao would occasionally give Song Nanqiao dishes.


“Let me tidy up.

You can have a good rest.”


After eating, Wen Wenyao came to clean up the mess.

She was originally a young noble lady family, but now she has become a nanny and has been taking care of herself.


Always like this, strange embarrassment.


“Thank you.

I will do it in the future.”


She doesn’t want to see Wen Wenyao doing these chores.


“Don’t be so insensitive.” Wen Wenyao pretended to be unhappy and puffed up her cheek.


She always feels that Song Nanqiao is very insensitive, especially with herself.

I always feel that Song Nanqiao clearly distinguishes many things and that yours is yours, and mine is mine.


Give Song Nanqiao eat a meal, Song Nanqiao will pay for her meal.

It’s also about paying for medicine.

In fact, it doesn’t matter to Wen Wenyao, but Song Nanqiao is stubborn to pay her back.

Now she has to make it clear that even washing the dishes is necessary.


She doesn’t like this feeling.

It’s polite and makes her feel distant.


Aware that the girl was a little unhappy, Song Nanqiao immediately changed her tone and said to the girl, “I just want to make sure I don’t treat you badly.”


“Nanqiao…has nothing to owe me, but I, on the contrary, am very grateful that you appeared by my side.”


Wen Wenyao takes Song Nanqiao’s hand and puts her hand on Song Nanqiao’s hand.


The girl’s hand is very delicate.

Her slender fingers clasp her own hands.

Her body temperature is transmitted from the girl.


“Actually, I didn’t do anything…”


In fact, she really didn’t do anything, which was not worth Wen Wenyao’s doing.

She didn’t take care of Wen Wenyao very much.

Song Nanqiao always treated her in a normal way.


Never overstep the rules and express your love strongly.


She got along so well that she could change Wen Wenyao’s strong feelings.

She felt guilty.


The girl shook her head, looked at her with clear eyes, which is very bright, and said to her, “Actually, I am really happy that you can appear in my world.” Her eyes are void of falsehood, and they contain the long and deep feelings of the other party.


“So promise me that you will take care of yourself future.”


Wen Wenyao raised her head and looked serious.

Her hot eyes were imprinted in Song Nanqiao’s pupils, which made Song Nanqiao’s heart shake.


At that moment, she began to waver.


Wavering in her position.


But this idea is only a moment




She can’t.


You can’t open a relationship blindly because of the temptation in your heart.


She still has a lot to do.


The author has something to say: first: at 13:00 pm and two more at 6:00 pm, so stay tuned.

After that, it will be updated every night around 22:00.

Secondly: Someone in the comment area wants to see Xiao Song protect Miss Wen.

Xiao Song will protect Miss Wen and use his life to protect her.

Then: I’ll send the group number again on Saturday and chat with you on Saturday.

Finally: Some have doubts about my 100% match setting.

In fact, the 100% match degree conveys to Miss Wen the spiritual comfort and sense of security in her heart.

Miss Wen is very devoid of love, so she is so attached to Xiao Song.

But Song Nanqiao is a very rational person.

I set her that she will not forget her original intention because of 100% matching.

Later, I will focus on describing delicate feelings.

The early plot can only be regarded as a way to attract jade, and the later plot is more exciting.

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