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Chapter 2.1

After Becoming a Scum (Part 1)

Translated by AmaLynne


“Where is this” Song Nanqiao looked around, she was now in the middle of a pile of people.


She was sleeping, and the next second she was sitting in this place, and what was even stranger was that the people around her seemed to be looking at her as if she was looking at an alien.


Song Nanqiao frowned, she was possessed


“Host, are you awake” A mechanical voice came to Song Nanqiao’s ears.


“You are”


“I’m your personal system v210, I transported you to another parallel world while you were sleeping.”


The tone was flat as if it was like saying a casual thing, but it made Song Nanqiao really angry.


She was at home, sleeping on her beauty sleep, and the next second she was here, she was not familiar with this place at all, and perhaps there were problems even surviving.


What a way to make…a big fire!!!




“Reporting information to host about the original owner identity…” v210 simply ignored Song Nanqiao, self-reported the information.


Song Nanqiao


Gender: Female


Excellent ability, a legendary 21st-century elite


The original owner was a student in class F, with bottom grades, uneducated, or an obsessive fan of the female lead, Wen Wenyao, who confessed her love to Wen Wenyao a minute ago and is now in a very awkward situation.


“Too hard for me…” Song Nanqiao took a hand to hold his forehead, now just want to find a hole in the ground and bury herself.


Everyone’s eyes were gathered on her, Song Nanqiao skimmed their expressions, from watching, mocking, angry, and shocked…


Song Nanqiao felt as if her face was going to burn up, she is a winner in life in the last world, never felt shy and uneasy under the gaze of the crowd, but at this time, felt embarrassment and helplessness under the gaze of the crowd.




Next to Song Nanqiao a small fatty suddenly patted her shoulder, sighed, and said to her in a pitiful tone “Hey, Xiao Song ah, I know you like Wen Wenyao, but you are like this, will only be farther and farther away from your goddess.

Besides, you will soon become a famous person in the school, so I’m afraid it will be difficult to get along.”



Then she pulled her hand out.


She saw what to do regardless of the consequences of brain-damaged fans, she remembered that since Song Nanqiao inadvertently encountered Wen Wenyao in school, like brain-damaged, one after another, asking about people, from the school’s official website or student social groups, a crazy collection of Wen Wenyao’s photos, posted in the dormitory.


But today Song Nanqiao is really too much, not to mention how many Wen Wenyao suitors will hate her, afraid that the same classmates will more or less treat her as an alien.


“No! You misunderstood, I was forced to.” Song Nanqiao desperately explained, she really want to smack the original owner twice.


This is now jumping into the Yellow River can’t wash it clean.



The people around were also chattering and talking, none of them with mocking voices, as if this was something that could get them a year’s worth of laughs.


“Hahaha, toads want to eat swan meat.”


“Look at the standing of their class, this one is still from class F, right”


“Sure enough, the ones in class F are out of talent.”


“You guys listen to my explanation……” Song Nanqiao said breathlessly, as if it was too late now no matter what she said, everyone’s ears are not deaf.


Song Nanqiao looked around, the front door and the back door have security guards, in order to ensure that the welcome meeting is carried out seriously, the front and the back doors next to a few paragraphs thoughtfully written: “To ensure the order of the meeting, students without important incidents are not allowed to enter the Assembly Hall at will.”


Song Nanqiao pulls over the little jacket, covers her face, puts her head down, and tries to calm herself down a little.


“What the hell is this Wen Wenyao, Mary Sue novel heroine ”


Song Nanqiao, who had calmed down, remembered that the original owner is so fascinated, which made song Nanqiao curious.


“Wait, I’ll find the heroine’s information for you.”




Wen Wenyao


Gender: Female


Outstanding appearance, which can be called “Peerless”.


Because of the identity of the Miss Wen family, and her face, or school-wide attention, ability talent second only to the host, class A class president, and school student council president.


In addition, as a gift for you just arrived in the world, I gave you a 100% matching gift package.

The matching degree between Wen Wenyao and the host has a 100% match, a veritable ‘match made in heaven.


“Matching degree”


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