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Chapter 10.1

Maintenance (Part 1)

Translated by AmaLynne


Because of this matter, Song Nanqiao and Qin Ruixi are considered to create a beam, a whole morning, Song Nanqiao is caught in the sorrow, no lunch today……


“You’d better spend some money.

Health is important.” The system tries to persuade Song Nanqiao.

In fact, with Song Nanqiao’s talent, she can make money quickly.

There is no need to hurt her body because of 20 yuan.


“No, I’m very self-disciplined, I can only use so much money a day, I’ll eat some steamed buns for dinner to make up for it.”


Song Nanqiao shook her head, once an opening is made, the human desire to consume will keep expanding, this is not good.


Song Nanqiao is stubborn, and the system doesn’t care about her anymore.


Humans won’t starve to death just because they only eat one meal.


When class ended at noon, Song Nanqiao carried her backpack and wanted to go straight back to her dorm.

When she reached the stairs, she found that her wrist was held by someone.


When she looked back, a beautiful face came into view, and her moist eyes were just looking at her quietly.


The person next to her saw Wen Wenyao and looked at her in surprise, and then looked at Song Nanqiao in confusion.


What is this person’s relationship with Wen Wenyao


“Why are you here”


Of course, Song Nanqiao recognized the person in front of her, it was Wen Wenyao.


“Why aren’t you eating”


Wen Wenyao originally wanted to wait for Song Nanqiao to eat together today.

She waited at the door early but ended up seeing Song Nanqiao directly walking back to her dorm room, which is why she pulled her.


“The money was taken away by some nasty kid.”


Thinking of this, Song Nanqiao was angry.

Everything was Qin Ruixi’s fault.


“How could such a thing happen You come with me.” Wen Wenyao subconsciously felt that Song Nanqiao was bullied at school, there was no way she could leave this kind of thing unattended.


“Where are you taking me”


“Come to my office to eat, I want to talk to you.”


Wen Wenyao got up very early this morning to prepare breakfast.

She doesn’t like to eat in the canteen, so she plans to let Song Nanqiao come to her office and try her cooking, Wen Wenyao is very confident in her cooking skills.


She gently took Song Nanqiao’s hand and led Song Nanqiao forward.


Song Nanqiao originally wanted to solve the problem by herself, but the other party seems to have prepared for it, today’s Wen Wenyao looks very happy, she also does not want to spoil her mood.


But in fact, the more important reason is that Song Nanqiao is really hungry.

It’s not bad to have a free meal.

En…she can invite Wen Wenyao to have a meal later.


Opening the door of the office, Song Nanqiao smelled the fragrance of food.

Boxes of dishes are placed on the desk, and many of them are Song Nanqiao’s favorites.

Thinking of how much white porridge and steamed bread he ate the other day, Song Nanqiao feels even more hungry now.


“Have some, I made it myself.”


Wen Wenyao kindly helped Song Nanqiao remove the stool, and then helped her open the rice box.

Then he looked at Song Nanqiao with an expectant look.


“Thank you, but wouldn’t that be too bad”


She was still a little entangled in her mind and did not eat the food that came from nowhere.


“I want you to evaluate my cooking skills.”


Wen Wenyao holds her face with her hands, two hands beside the two cheeks, at first glance, especially cute.


Wen Wenyao prepared this with a lot of thought.

If Song Nanqiao didn’t eat it, she would be very sad.


Looking at Song Nanqiao did not have any reaction, Wen Wenyao lower her head in a loss.

Suddenly, her whole face became pale.


Song Nanqiao felt even more guilty when the heroine looks like this.

She picked up chopsticks and immediately took a piece of meat and sent it to her mouth.

The sweet and soft taste melted from her mouth.

Song Nanqiao’s eyes lit up.

This taste good!


She then took another piece, and when Wen Wenyao saw this, she was in a better mood, picking up her chopsticks and putting other dishes into Song Nanqiao’s bowl.


“Did you really make this”


The heroine is good at cooking


“Of course, when I have nothing else to do, I study the recipes myself.” Wen Wenyao was happy that Song Nanqiao accepted her cooking, her time was not wasted.


“But you’re a young lady.”


This is a little different from what Song Nanqiao thought.

Isn’t a young lady a kind who doesn’t touch the spring water with her fingers Wen Wenyao’s cooking skills, she must’ve practiced a lot.


“It was my family who taught me to take care of myself and my future……other half……”


Wen Wenyao seemed a little shy when she talk about it.

Song Nanqiao didn’t hear it, but only heard it to let her take care of herself.


“Eat more.”


She added some more dishes to Song Nanqiao.


This way, she always feels like Song Nanqiao is really thin, bony, and doesn’t look like she’s been eating a lot.


Indeed, the living conditions of the original owner were also very poor.

She had been hungry for a long time, resulting in a poor body.

The whole person seemed to have little meat.


After Song Nanqiao finished eating, he praised Wen Wenyao’s cooking skills: “I seldom eat, I never eat something so delicious.” A simple compliment made Wen Wenyao feel better.


“In fact, I usually eat here.

You can come here.

The food in the school canteen is not good.”


She saw Song Nanqiao looks very satisfied before she opened her mouth and made her request.


She just inexplicably wanted to stay with Song Nanqiao, when she stayed with Song Nanqiao, she would be especially happy and joyful, if only she could also spend every noon in the future with Song Nanqiao, that would be good.


“How can that be I can’t just eat your food for free.” Even if the food is good for Song Nanqiao’s appetite, she can’t go eat for nothing.


This time Song Nanqiao’s tone was firm, which was a refusal.


“Then once in a while, it should be okay.” Wen Wenyao tried to ease Song Nanqiao.


“Well, then I have to treat you to dinner as well to do so.”




Wen Wenyao smiled charmingly, and now that the meal was almost finished, she planned to talk about the business.


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