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Chapter 6.2

Life Is Not Easy (Part 2)

Translated by AmaLynne


This is the first time she has wandered outside the school since she transmigrated to this world.


After taking a look around, it seems that there is a place selling waste tires in front.


Song Nanqiao opened her phone and looked online to see if anyone needed these tires, and after looking for a while, Song Nanqiao saw a post, “Buying 90% new military tires for a lot of money.”


After seeing this post, Song Nanqiao immediately decided to contact the other party, telling them that she has a lot of tires in good condition, the other party wants about 50, if Song Nanqiao can give them 50 at once, then pay Song Nanqiao 2000 yuan recycling fee.


“But you don’t have 50 tires, and how can you guarantee that the products you give to the other party are qualified” The system said doubtfully.


“Selling tires is a quick way to make profits.

An abandoned tire costs about 20 to 30 yuan, but after I repair it, I will directly sell it to the buyer.

Recycle some good quality tires, then refurbish them myself, and finally sell them.”


After making up her mind, Song Nanqiao was ready to buy this with all her possessions.


“How much are the tires here”


Song Nanqiao asked.


The boss is an old man in his 50 to 60.

These tires were scavenged by him.

He has no energy to renovate them.

He just puts them here and waits for people to buy them.


Once he saw the customer, the boss stood up from his chair, glanced at Song Nanqiao, and said “small tires eight yuan, large military tires 10 yuan.”


The price is also very cheap, but how about the quality


“Can I choose first before paying”


“Yes, you can pick all the tires here.”


Song Nanqiao listened and dove into the pile of tires.


Sure enough, the quality of cheap things is not very good.

It took about three hours to select 50 tires of good quality.

Finally, she concluded a deal with the boss for 500 yuan.


“I’ll leave it here first, I’ll fix it here tonight for one night.

I’ll find someone to pull it out tomorrow.”


Song Nanqiao just contacted the buyer, tomorrow morning at 8 o’clock the other party will come to the designated location.

At that time, she will rent a small pickup truck and deliver it.




The boss was not afraid that Song Nanqiao would steal a few more tires from him.


After selecting the tire, Song Nanqiao went to the nearby equipment store to buy the lotion, tire wax, and iron hook for retreading.

She’s going to work here all night.


“You can repair a tire”


“Of course.

After cleaning, use a hook to hook out the stone garbage inside, put tire wax on it, and finally dry it.”


“What else you cant…”


The system now feels like there isn’t anything that Song Nanqiao can’t do.


Song Nanqiao found a space to sit down and began work repairing the tires, repairing 50 tires took her almost a whole night.


She can only work overtime tonight.


After a whole night, it is now 6 a.m.

on Sunday.

Song Nanqiao looks at the new tires in front of her, nods with satisfaction, and starts to contact the truck driver online to send it.


When all this was done, Song Nanqiao found that she only had a few yuan left, but she was confident the repaired tires will sell well.


As expected, the other party was very satisfied with the material and gave Song Nanqiao 2,000 yuan in cash after inspecting the goods one by one.


“You look so small, are you an adult” The buyer looked at Song Nanqiao’s tender face and asked jokingly.


“Adult, but still studying.”


“Student selling tires”


“Forced by life.”


Song Nanqiao felt a little embarrassed and shyly touched the back of her head.

When it comes to selling tires, or when she just started her own business, she did not have the money to do so, and now it seems that she is going the same way again.


After getting the money, Song Nanqiao is ready to go back to school to eat a meal and take a shower, and then come out in the afternoon to find other business opportunities.


Song Nanqiao plans to buy an index fund with 2,000 yuan.

Although the rate of return is not high, it is better than a bank.

The risk should be relatively small, and the time of return should be faster.



After returning to the bedroom, the people in the bedroom still don’t like Song Nanqiao.

Since seeing Song Nanqiao’s performance slowly getting better, they have excluded Song Nanqiao.

There is always a strange □□ in the dormitory.



“I heard that recently Wen Wenyao seems to be hanging around in class F.

Brother Dong has even said hello to her several times.”


A girl glanced at Song Nanqiao and said with a strange look.

She did not keep her eyes on Song Nanqiao, but Song Nanqiao understood that this was meant for her.


“That’s right, Brother Dong seems to have even gotten the contact information.”


Another girl also wants to provoke Song Nanqiao.


But in fact, Wen Wenyao has not given anyone contact information at all, all the words are made up.


“Maybe it’s time to go on the offensive against Wen Wenyao.”


Then another girl smiled and said, she had not covered up her sarcastic tone.

She wanted to see Song Nanqiao’s reaction.


Song Nanqiao felt a little funny after hearing this, Wen Wenyao couldn’t have any encounter with these people, what they said was pure nonsense.

Song Nanqiao also ignored them, took the clothes, and went into the bathroom.


Three girls look at her, but she seems to not react.

Normally, Song Nanqiao should have a great reaction about Wen Wenyao.

Why is Song Nanqiao so indifferent now.


“Struck by evil No reaction when it comes to Wen Wenyao.”


“Mostly because she felt she couldn’t catch up and then gave up, I think.”


Hearing this, Song Nanqiao finally couldn’t help but open the door and sternly said to them, “I don’t need to chase Wen Wenyao at all.

Shut your mouth.”


The expression on Song Nanqiao’s is ferocious.

Not joking with them.


“Okay, okay, got it.” The three girls just used their mouths to provoke.

They didn’t mean to fight.


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