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Chapter 1.1

Wen Wenyao (Part 1)

Translated by AmaLynne


“Excuse me, is student Wen Wenyao here” Tao Jingzhuo took a large red speech and walked towards the dressing room, this was the penultimate part of the freshman welcome party, and it was Wen Wenyao’s turn to speak.


The school’s annual freshman welcome party, Wen Wenyao, the new student council president, had to speak on such an important occasion.


“Teacher Tao, I’m here.” When the girl heard someone call her name, she shifted her gaze from the makeup mirror and replied politely in a warm and melodious voice.


Tao Jingzhuo followed the source of the voice and turned his head to look at the unparalleled heartwarming back.


The backless dress outlines the girl’s perfect curves, the shoulder-length hair scattered over the rounded shoulders, the beautiful white porcelain-like skin wrapped around the slender neck, but could not cover the delicate butterfly bones.


The girl turned her head and what caught in his eyes was a heavenly face with black hair covering the girl’s full forehead, a palm-sized face with seductive peach blossom eyes, a high nose, and a perfect chin line.

Further down, there is the delicate collarbone and the most alluring part of a woman’s…


Like a fairy, gentle and charming


The front is curved and the back is beautiful.


The power of beauty is huge, Tao Jingzhuo directly froze in place.


Wen Wenyao, class A president, school student council president, beautiful face, excellent ability, polite, and also the eldest young lady of the Wen family.


Such a girl, a little too perfect……


Tao Jingzhuo thought about it, if his unborn daughter could be as lovely and stunning as Wen Wenyao when she grew up, then the family would be waking up laughing in their dreams.


After Tao Jingzhuo received a beauty blast from close by, his thoughts drifted further and further away.


“Teacher” Wen Wenyao looked at Tao Jingzhuo frozen there, his eyelashes slightly trembling.


Seeing that Tao Jingzhuo was slow to reply, Wen Wenyao tried to call him again.


“Oh, right, it’s your speech soon, the script is in a big red binder, get ready, go on stage and speak.” Tao Jingzhuo knocked his head and handed the prepared speech to Wen Wenyao, almost forgetting the main business.


“Thank you, teacher.

I’ll go now.” Wen Wenyao replied politely.


Hearing the voice outside, as if calling her name, Wen Wenyao frowned, this was her first time speaking at the school ceremony, which make her become a little nervous.


She’s a little afraid of strangers


Moreover, this time she’ll be alone.


Thinking of this, Wen Wenyao’s pupils darkened for a moment, but quickly collected herself and prepared to go on stage.


In front of the podium…


“I heard that Wen Wenyao will speak this time.”


“Yes, I heard that she is very good-looking, I also saw her photo on the official website of the school, what is the word ‘Absolutely beautiful’!”


“Not only is she beautiful, but her grades are even better.”


A few boys were chattering on the stage.


They were the ones who had already spent a year of their lives in the school and were more than familiar with the word Wen Wenyao.


“Is it really that great” One of the freshmen asked suspiciously, when they had just enrolled, some seniors had told themselves about Wen Wenyao, the class A senior.


Thinking about the admiration or jealousy of the seniors and sisters, one has always been curious about what Wen Wenyao looks like.


A few schoolmates heard a few boys’ rainbow farts next to them, gave them a blank stare, raked their phones, and disdainfully began to talk.


“Harm, it’s just good-looking, nothing else really.”


“Good looking is good looking, but I think the person is not very much.”


“Boys like you don’t think about it, Wen Wenyao doesn’t have anyone he likes.”


Several girls obviously do not welcome Wen Wenyao.


The girl who said the last sentence, the tone is the most unfriendly, about Wen Wenyao rejecting too many good-looking boys, so that there are so many girls think Wen Wenyao is very insensitive.


But the other two people’s words are also more or less, all with the flavor of unkindness.


“Is schoolmate have talked to Wen Wenyao” The boy narrowed his eyes and asked.


“That’s not…but there are people who say so…you know what, go and see for yourselves.”


A few girls are still talking, and their faces start to look a little ugly, but there is no way.

This is their own empty mouth and some gossip.


Strictly speaking, they have never had direct contact with Wen Wenyao.

Not many people have actually contacted Wen Wenyao.

They just listen to the people around them talking from time to time, but some words change to their liking.


In addition, Wen Wenyao is too perfect in front of outsiders, which gives them an inherent impression that since she is good-looking and has good grades, she must have some problems in other aspects, and people cannot be perfect.


Now it seems that opinions about Wen Wenyao are slightly polarized, people who like Wen Wenyao, especially class A students, will think that Wen Wenyao is very good, but for those who don’t have a good feeling about her, the evaluation of Wen Wenyao has some thorns in it.


Wen Wenyao is quiet and introverted.

In addition, she has little contact with other students.

In many cases, she does not actively contact other girls.

For a long time, no matter how beautiful she looks or how good her figure is, many girls stay away from him.


Most of the people have not directly contacted Wen Wenyao, so they are only able to listen to half of these words, and then keep half of the story for themselves.


Hearing this, this new male student became even more curious, widened his eyes, and gazed at the podium, waiting for Wen Wenyao’s arrival.


“Next, let’s have the student representative, Wen Wenyao, speak.” The host cupped the microphone and with a professional smile, he turned his attention to Wen Wenyao.


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